Grown and Harvested in the Hudson Valley

About Our Farm

About Our Farm


Deadhead Farms is a small no-till market garden located in Hurley, New York.  

We use human scale techniques that allow us to focus on building healthy soil that will yield fresh, local, quality produce.

Our Methods

We practice farming by hand. All planting, cultivation, and harvesting is done manually, though we use modern tools and techniques that keep us efficient and competitive. We find that farming this way is easier, more productive, and can produce vegetables of a higher quality.

Deep and Intensive

We implement intensive planting and growing techniques. Our beds are replanted constantly throughout the season from early February through late fall. Our hoop houses produce vegetables year round. We do this by maintaining extremely fertile soil. We believe that farming this way creates healthy vegetables resistant to diseases and pests.

No Till

We use permanent beds that reduce soil disturbance. Instead of tilling the ground, we manually broadfork our permanent beds and only cultivate the soil surface. This maintains soil structure and the life it supports, reduces our weed pressure, increases our organic matter, and we believe, produces great produce. 

Thus "No Till" at Deadhead Farms, is really about reduced soil disturbance and making the best effort to keep soil layers intact. For us, the removal of heavy equipment, such as tractor that stirs, tills, or plows any deeper than the top surface layer of tilth satisfies the unattainable goal of No-Till.